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Mitsuboshi M 27, Classical V-Belt (JIS)

Classical V-Belt for JIS K 6323, wrapped type (M27)
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Product Series
Classical V-Belts for JIS K 6323

Product description
Classical V-Belts are most widely used power transmission belts. Economical and easily obtained for replacement.
Wrapped V-Belts, means that the V-Belt coreis protected by cover fabric made of cotton or polyester. The cover fabric is coated with rubber to reinforce the wear resistance.


Product Code: M27
Top belt width (mm) : 10
Height of belt (mm): 6
Pitch width (mm): 8.0
Distance down to pitch line (mm): 2.7
Allowed minimum Pulley pitch diameter (mm): 40
Recommended maximum Belt speed (mm): 30
Pitch length (mm): 686

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