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Industrial Electric Motors

The electric motor is responsible for the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most of them operate through the interaction of conductors carrying current and magnetic field in order to generate force.

We are known to be one of the most reliable electric motor suppliers in Malaysia. You can buy industrial electric motors based on the specification that you require such as input voltage & single phases or three phases, capacity, power supply or speed reduction ratio that are suitable for any industry.

Industrial electric motors are composed majorly of windings, shaft, armature, stator, terminal, brushes, commutator and case. The industrial electric motors can either be AC or DC. Electric motors are employed in heavy duty applications which requires a considerable level of starting torque and high speed.

AC motors have features such as

  • Torque limit being adjustable
  • Controlled starting current
  • Demand for a low level of power on start
  • Adjustable speed of operations
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Reduced disturbances of power lines

AC Motor, Single Phases Motors, Three Phases motors, general purpose motors and gear motors are available at i4mart with just a few clicks away. At, we cater to all your industrial motor needs. Enjoy the best price, quality and availability when you buy electric motors in Malaysia from us.