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WONDER Single Phase Motor, 1.1kW 2P/3000RPM, B3, Class F, IP55, 240V/1PH/50HZ, IEC Dimension.

Wonder Motor (MY8022)
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General Descriptions


These motors are single phase aluminium motors.
MY is capacitor run series which is mainly used for low start torque application such as fans and pumps.
ML is dual capacitors series. This series comes with centrifugal switch, which is suitable for high start torque application such as air compressor.

Characteristics for all WONDER standard asynchronous motors
• Widely applied in general machinery and industries such as pumps & water treatment, road machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement and paper-milling.
• IP55 protection, Class F Insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 duty
• Rated voltage 220V, 230V, 240V
• Rated frequency 50Hz
• Operation conditions: ambient temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C, altitude = 1000m
• Other voltage and 60Hz frequency available upon request
• Cooling method is IC411

For more technical information:
Click here to download datasheet #1 - wonder_electric_motor_s_pte_ltd_2014_08_15_10_52.pdf


Products specifications
Power Phase Single Phase
Motor Power kW 1.1
Motor Pole 2P
Motor Mounting B3
Voltage 415V
Material Aluminium