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EleDelta Motor EF1 5.5KW 4P 415V B3 Three Phase 50 Hz

5.5KW 4P 415V B3 Three Phase 50 Hz (ELEDELTA-005.5-4P-415V-B3)
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Product description

The brand that is always aware of your needs Efficiency, Cost Factor, 1st priority EF1 Series. In line with the power saving campaign, EleDelta has again committed itself to stand up in support with the new EF1 series. This series of motors exerts the CEMEP-EU standard (High efficiency level) and are embedded with the fine touches of today's technologies together with great finishing.

Special Features

  • High Efficiency class saves energy cost.
  • Tropicalised finishing results in greater endurance.
  • Large terminal box with common swap-over position.
  • Highly insulated board condition with well pleanish accessories and anti-rust glands.
  • Threaded shaft for extra fastening safety and convenience.
  • High quality manufactured materials and induction plate.


Model Code: ELEDELTA-005.5-4P-415V-B3
Kilowatt: 5.5KW
Pole: 4P
Voltage : 415V
Weight: 72KG