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Delta Drive

Delta drives have been used to control the speed of motors efficiently, improve on automation in the machine and save energy with advanced microprocessor technology and modern power electronics. These drives control speed and torque with accuracy and handle increases in load smoothly while providing operation modes for configuration and custom controls.

The price of our delta drives is very affordable, especially the portable ones which comes in a 60% reduction in total size. This makes our drives a highly flexible component. The delta drive has very high efficiency in providing support for IM and PM motors

Delta drives are specifically designed to meet various application needs. Delta drives provide technologies for motor control on a large scale which is used in enhancing and improving automation in machine motorsfor a number of industries. They provide a constant torque and have features such as open and closed loop vector control.  They are designed to provide up to 2000 Hz in high-speed output capacity.

Our delta drives are user-friendly with their sizes being ultra-compact and ease of installation. They are designed to be durable so they can serve you better and last longer. For more information on our range of Delta drives such as price and availability, contact us today!

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DELTA Inverter C-Series for 75kW 415v/3ph

VFD-C2000 series (VFD750C43)
RM 15,806.20

DELTA Inverter C-Series for 90kW 415v/3ph

VFD-C2000 series (VFD900C43)
RM 22,253.90

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 0.7kW 220v/1ph

VFD-EL series (VFD007EL21)
RM 690.10

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 0.7kW 415v/3ph

VFD-EL series (VFD007EL43)
RM 926.60

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 1.5kW 415v/3ph

VFD-EL series (VFD015EL43)
RM 1,076.50

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 2.2kW 220v/1ph

VFD-EL series (VFD022EL21)
RM 1,222.00

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 2.2kW 415v/3ph

VFD-EL series (VFD022EL43)
RM 1,268.80

DELTA Inverter EL-Series for 3.7kW 415v/3ph

VFD-EL series (VFD037EL43)
RM 1,492.10

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 0.7kW 220v/1ph

VFD-E series (VFD007E21)
RM 845.00

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 0.7kW 220v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD007E23)
RM 936.70

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 0.7kW 415v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD007E43)
RM 1,037.90

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 1.5kW 220v/1ph

VFD-E series (VFD015E21)
RM 1,058.80

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 1.5kW 220v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD015E23)
RM 1,126.50

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 1.5kW 415v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD015E43)
RM 1,257.00

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 18.5kW 415v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD185E43)
RM 5,204.20

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 2.2kW 220v/1ph

VFD-E series (VFD022E21)
RM 1,446.50

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 2.2kW 220v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD022E23)
RM 1,355.50

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 2.2kW 415v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD022E43)
RM 1,439.60

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 3.7kW 415v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD037E43)
RM 1,669.20

DELTA Inverter E-Series for 5.5kW 220v/3ph

VFD-E series (VFD055E23)
RM 2,181.50