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The need for price comparison as well as the transparency from the market important. 86% of BUYERS want to be able to not only trust the SUPPLIERS, but at the same time are given the choice to compare.


Every businessman wants to grow ther company. Who doesn't? That is why a staggering 95% of them agree that they are eagerly looking for ways to increase their sales profits and grow their reach!


Time is money. 78% of BUYERS would rather spend less time searching, and more time earning. On top of that, they want sources that are trusted and are able to deliver with quick response time!


To succeed, one must adapt. As we all know, times are changing, therefore we must as well. 88% of businesses agree that in order to be on top, one must be the first to adapt and embrace modern technology!


A lengthy and draggy communication is a turn off in any situation. That is why a large majority of BUYERS and SUPPLIERS dislike it. It is safe to say that when it comes to trade, we are like it straight to the point.